Winslow Engineering designs and builds quality Drill Point Grinders, Drill Point Splitters, Cutting Tool/Part Inspection, Nurse Servers/Patient Servers, and Special Engineered Design and Build Product Systems. Winslow Engineering's quality products have been in use by aerospace, agricultural, automotive, healthcare and cutting tool manufacturers for many years. Our goal is to provide the best products possible, for new and existing customers. We put our customers first by answering the phone when they call, not allowing them to go to voice activated machines. At Winslow Engineering, we specialize in providing "Special Engineered Design and Build" products for our customer's special needs. The requirement may be to manufacture or assemble a product where an exact machine, fixture, or tool does not exist. We work together with our customers to come up with a concept, design and final manufacture/assembly for the finished product. Please contact us to inquire about your specific needs.