Many Winslow Drill Grinders pay for themselves in less than one year!

50% or more of all machining is used to make holes.

Winslow Engineering can provide a turn-key solution for your "Special Engineered Requirements" from design to the finished product.

We can provide quiet operating and fully assembled Nurse/Patient Servers used to organize and store medical supplies within steps of the patient. The Nurse/Patient Servers can be designed to fit your specific space requirements.

Cutting tool inspection equipment systems and part quality is enhanced using a Winslow Engineering Cutting Tool Inspection System Model 560 Tool Analyzer.

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Winslow Engineering can Rebuild your old Drill Point Grinders

Winslow Engineering can Rebuild your old Drill Point Grinders

Did you know that Winslow Engineering is able to rebuild your old Drill Point Sharpeners or Drill Point Splitters? They may have names like Winslomatics, Exactamatic, HC 101, 100B, G&L or Giddings & Lewis Drill Bit Sharpeners, also called Drill Point Grinders. Some of these older Drill Point Sharpeners may have difficulty...  read more

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Winslow Engineering designs and builds quality Drill Point Grinders, Drill Point Splitters, Cutting Tool Inspection Analyzers, and Special Engineered Design and Build Products. Winslow Engineering's quality products have been in use by aerospace, agricultural, automotive, and cutting tool manufacturers, to name a few, for many years. Our goal is to provide the best products possible, for new and existing customers. We put our customers first by answering the phone when they call, not allow... read more>>