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Winslow Model 100C

We are cycling a rebuilt Model 100C Drill point Grinder for one of our customers. The 100C High Production Machine Sharpens a Full Line of Twist Drills Automatically and with Superior Accuracy; too. • Sharpens up to 500 units per hour, with concentricity held to within .0005” (.013 mm) TIR. Production rates fluctuate depending upon drill size, finish, sparkout and stock removal. • Grinds drills from 1/16” to 1-1/2” (1.55 - 38.0 mm) diameter. Point angles from 90° to 140°. • Versatile machine grinds nine different geometries: - Helical - Wide Web Helical Racon® - Bickford®* - Conventional - Step Drill - Core Drill - *Generated in two operations

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