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Used Model HC Drill Point Grinder

Why send your used drills out for resharpening? Keep the work in house to control quality and timely return of the resharpened drills. This is our used low cost semi-automated Winslow Model HC Drill Point Grinder. It is capable of grinding HSS and carbide drills in the size range of 1/6" - 1 1/2" (1.55mm - 38mm) diameter. It can grind Conventional, Helical, Split Point, Racon, and Bickford Points. The production rate is approximately 80 to 100 drills in the size range of 3/8"(10mm)/ hour for a Conventional or Helical point. Contact Winslow Engineering at schroeder@winsloweng.com or call 920-921-6404 www.winsloweng.com

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