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The "NEW" Winslow Engineering Model 560G Cutting Tool Inspection System

Our new low cost Model 560G Video Tool & Part Analyzer permits rapid precise inspection of all tool/part geometry characteristics in new tool, tool regrind, and part manufacturing. The 560G vision system uses a series of lenses and a digital camera. The image of the tool being inspected is displayed on the video monitor. A Windows® compatible software inspection program is displayed on the monitor where the tool/part inspection is performed. The base features camera travel 18.5” X axis, 6.38” Y axis, and 7” Z axis, allowing inspection of larger tools or parts on the 560G  Video Tool & Part Analyzer. The footprint for the 560G Cutting Tool Inspection System is approximately 24” x 28”. The inspection surface is a 12” x 24” granite plate.

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