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Rebuilding of your old Winslow Drill Point Grinders and Splitters

Winslow Engineering can rebuild your old Winslow Drill Point Grinders or Drill Point Splitters? They may have names like Winslomatics, Exactamatic, HC 101, 100B, G&L or Giddings & Lewis Drill Bit Sharpeners, also called Drill Point Grinder. Some of these older Drill Point Sharpeners may have difficulty grinding the appropriate Helical, Conventional, Bickford, Racon or Split Point. Customers can send their Sharpeners to us and we can evaluate the Drill Point Sharpener and prepare a proposal for rebuilding the Drill Pointer. Our goal is to bring the Drill Point Sharpener back as close as we can to a new machine, for less cost.

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