Press Release

Model 950 Tool Shank Flat Grinder

The Winslow Engineering Model 950 Tool Shank Flat Grinder was designed and built by Winslow Engineering. A cutting tool manufacturer came to us to see if we would be able to build a machine to grind three symmetrical flats at 120° apart on the shanks of drills. The diameters of the drills varied from approximately 1/2" - 1 1/2". The shanks of the drills were all 1/2". The requirements also were to incorporate autoloading into the design. As a result, the Tool Shank Flat Grinder has an adjustable hopper to allow loading of drills to accomodate the required diameters. The drill blanks feed out of the hopper to a V support system for loading into a gripper for support during the grinding process. The finished ground drills are automatically ejected from the gripper and collected in a tray for removal from the machine.

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